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You will see an automated message confirming your submission has been received. I will email with a quote on price, payment, and delivery as soon as possible.

Be as specific as you can regarding the fields below. In the field Guitar(s) models, please give brand and model. I may respond requesting measurements of the instrument to ensure the case is made to fit.

In the field 'Comments', please include all bespoke details regarding the build.

If you decide to opt for a sprayed case, please be as specific as you can. In the field 'Colour', please put the RAL or BS code if you have it. If not, put a link to the colour you would like or simply tell me the colour and I can do my best to match it.

In the fields 'Wood' and 'Veneer', please state what species you would like. 

In the field 'Interior lining', please state what you would like. Fabric, paint or veneer.


An upfront payment of 50% will be required before the build can start. Once it is complete, I will ask for the remainder of the payment. You can pay in full before the build has started if you choose.

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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