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  • Is an upfront payment required on all custom built guitars and cases?
    A payment of 50% will be required before I can start the build. This is a non refundable payment as most materials purchased for your build will be specific to that order. Once the item is complete I will need full payment before the item is shipped. You can opt to pay in full prior to the start of the build if it suits you.
  • Can I return a case if it has been damaged in transit?
    Yes. If you find your Infinity Case has been damaged on delivery you can request a return and I will sort out a pickup free of charge. The item will be inspected carefully. You will be offered a free of charge service to fix and cosmetic or electrical fault. Any irreparable structural or cosmetic damage will result in a refund or a replacement. If I am not notified within 30 days of delivery then this will not apply.
  • How is the Infinity Case packaged?
    The inside of the case will be stuffed with bio degradable recycled shredded paper to ensure the mirror won't move about in transit. The case itself will be protected with layers of biodegradable bubblewrap and recycled cardboard. The corners will have extra padding.
  • Is the Infinity Case under warranty?
    Yes. The case is under a full 1 year warranty. Click here for warranty details.
  • Does Kay John have a returns policy?
    If you can show clear evidence that the item is faulty or been damaged in transit, then you can return the item free of charge. I can either repair the item best of my applility or offer a full refund. If the item is seriously damaged and beyond repair, I will have to offer a refund. If you are simply not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, then this will not warrant a return/refund. My products are hand made and tailored to your requirements. Each order takes time and specific components/materials to complete the build. For these reasons I cannot refund unless it is faulty.
  • How to hang a guitar display case?
    It is very simply. Instructions will be suplied with the Infinity Case. Also, check out the Mounting & Storage page for more info.
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