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 Each unit comes with a heavy-duty 3mm thick aluminum Z hanger screwed into the top panel of the case. The corresponding Z hanger and installation instructions will be supplied with the case.



The case can be mounted either on a solid wall or situated on any floor surface. Any floor or table surface must be flat and stable. Anti-tip furniture straps will be included with each unit to prevent the case from toppling. Installation instructions will be provided.

 The case must be kept out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will effect the temperature and humidity inside the case and potentially interfering with the instrument. Keep in a warm part of the building. Do not store next to or above a radiator. Consistent heat can negatively effect the case as well as the instrument inside. Storing in a cold, damp place can result in exterior and interior damage over time. 

Although LED strip lights can be left on for large periods of time, I recommend that you leave them turned on for no longer than 8 hours at a time. DO NOT leave on overnight as the driver can overheat. Be safe and turn off lighting frequently. 

Any damage that is a result of disregarding these recommendations will not be covered by the warranty. 


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