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Z0S0 Infinity Guitar Display Case at Hard Rock London

Recently, on one of the most dreary November days imaginable, I embarked on the most exciting mission for the Infinity Case to date - Old Park Lane... full steam ahead!

I'm blessed to have been given the opportunity to create an Infinity Case for the iconic Old Park Lane Hard Rock Cafe. A dream come true. Situated in the bottom corner of the aristocratic Mayfair, this Hard Rock Cafe branch was the first of its kind to open in 1971. Since then, Hard Rock has grown to be a globally recognised brand and the home of the biggest collection of musical memorabilia in the world.

My first visit to the Old Park Lane Cafe happened back in the summer of 2021. We walked around trying to find the perfect spot to have one of my cases. Finally, we settled on the vault museum beneath the Hard Rock Shop, located on the other side of the street.

In one of the underground vaults - previously known as the old Coutts bank, lies one of the most impressive collections of Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia in the world. This collection boasts the iconic Jimi Hendrix Isle of White Flying V, as well as recognised instruments from Duane Allman, Gene Simmons, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and The Beatles. I was lucky enough to choose the axe to be destined for the Infinity Case. Of course, it had to be the Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom.

This Hard Rock Infinity Case is the first in a run of six cherry wood cabinets - beautiful, real cherry wood fibreboard, with a solid cherry door frame.

I wanted to separate this one from the other five, somehow. I thought it'd be cool to inlay the Z0S0 symbol, first seen on the Led Zeppelin 4 record. There is much speculation as to what this symbol means and why it was chosen by Page, but it's generally known to be an old symbol for Saturn (Capricorn), used in black magik. This was certainly one of the more involved inlays I've done. Certainly took a long time but the result is great. Brass into cherry... tasty.

It was the first time since my woodworking began that I've tried finishing cherry. I had no experience other than what I've read and been advised. In the end, it took a coat of boiled linseed to seal the wood, followed by 2 stains. First, I applied a water based, deep-rich mahogany followed by a dark oak spirit based stain. Very unorthodox but my gut advised it'll work. This resulted in a lovely deep, dark chestnut mahogany. I then finished it with a good coat of linseed oil and turpentine wax. Beautiful.

The inside fabric was a pain on this one. I was asked to pick a fabric that was in keeping with the vibe of the Vault. I initially chose an oriental-style fabric, covered in dragons - very Page! However, it was quite thin and fiddly to work with. The finished result was good, but not perfect.

At the back of my mind, I knew that I could do this better. I settled on a simple floral fabric, with gold thread woven into the pattern. In the end, it was 100% worth going through the time and effort of redoing it.

Hard Rock Cafe Guitar Display Case

I'd urge anyone to take a trip down to Old Park Lane and visit the Hard Rock Cafe and shop. You'll be treated like Rock 'n' Roll royalty! Try the food, take the tour and learn about all the incredible pieces they have on display. It'll blow your mind. This would also be the perfect opportunity to check out the Infinity Case in all its glory. You've got to see it believe it!

If you would like to know more about my cases then just check out work on: Kay John Guitars | HOME

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